A summary of the project.

SAYVE aims to pioneer the language learning app in the Web3 era, by creating a world where users will be rewarded both financially and practically for their commitment to learning. Users equip their in-game characters with NFTs, allowing them to learn languages. They will earn $LINGO tokens that can either be used as an in-game currency or exchanged for other cryptocurrencies.

SAYVE users will learn languages while participating in a Metaverse game taking place in the Vox galaxy. Here, an all-powerful AI has unleashed a chaotic language virus across thousands of planets. Players can either join a faction to stop the AI's malefic plans... or aid its efforts.

With gaming fun and social interaction combined under the banner of blockchain technology, SAYVE aims to motivate millions towards improving their language, engaging in cultural exchange, and creating a global community.

Note: SAYVE is currently under beta, so the litepaper’s contents are subject to change.

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